Termini i teme

Cena jednog časa je 10 evra. Možete prisustvovati samo prvom ili samo drugom času ili pohađati oba časa. Ukoliko odlučite da pohađate oba časa/sastanka, tada ostvarujete popust i cena je 15 evra za dva vezana časa/sastanka.

Preporučujemo što raniju prijavu i upis jer se termini zbog ograničenog broja polaznika i popularnosti programa Verbalizuj se! brzo popune.

U nastavku dajemo raspored budućih termina sastanaka i najave tema i gostiju.


26. oktobar – prvi čas/sastanak, termin 19:00-20:00 – TERMIN POPUNJEN


Isidora Bjelica, udvaranje u moderno dobaThe world of dating has changed dramatically in the past few decades. The old ideas and rituals of courtship are gone, replaced with new standards of relationships and dating. What would our famous “love doctor” Isidora Bjelica say about courtship and modern dating? What do you think? Do you miss the days when a man opened the car door for his date just because he cared? But, is it not much better that today we can learn much more about someone before we meet that person? Click here now and sign up for this English class and very interesting discussion…after-all, who knows, maybe you will meet the love of your life while verbalizing yourself at this meeting 🙂

Special guest: Isidora Bjelica

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26. oktobar – drugi čas/sastanak, termin 20:45-21:45 – TERMIN POPUNJEN

Isidora Bjelica verbalizing herselfFOOD, DRINK AND IDENTITYWe are what we eat. Or are we?

We now have more cuisines, ingredients, cooking shows and recipe books than ever before. Today it seems most of us know the difference between prosciutto and pancetta, sushi and sashimi. How foods and drinks influence and communicate identities in social and domestic settings? We are what we eat. Or are we? If you are what you eat, what food makes you?

Special guest: Isidora Bjelica

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02. novembar – prvi čas/sastanak, termin 19:00-20:00

Ivan Tomic u predstavi Ne igraj na Engleze, Verbalizuj se!DO SEX AND HUMOR REALLY SELL?

Media producers frequently use both sex and humor in an attempt to draw eyeballs to the screen and hold the audience on channel while other producers use sex and humor to sell products. The two popular phrases, „sex sells“ and „the shortest distance between two people is a good laugh,“ can definitely be used to characterize the media landscape today. Sex sells, but at what cost? How can we avoid falling victim to translating what sells in ads to what we see in everyday life?

Special guest: actor Ivan Tomic

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02. novembar – drugi čas/sastanak, termin 20:45-21:45

Govornistvo i javni nastupi, Verbalisti i Ivan TomicHOW TO VERBALIZE YOURSELF!…IN PUBLIC

Is public speaking the secret to becoming successful in business?

Chances are that you’ll sometimes have to speak in public as part of your role. In this meeting we will talk about public speaking, funny experiences and how you can face your fear and step behind the microphone.

Special guest: actor Ivan Tomic

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